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He puts everything he has from his heart and gut into his playing and his career and he's going to go far. He's got the Groove and he's always learning. He will always grow because he wants to learn. And thats the Key

Marco Mendoza | Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, The Dead Daisies, Journey

"Awesome drummer, a really nice and easy guy. So hard to find this kind of pro and talented musicians on this days. Very pleasure to work with."

Ronnie Romero | Vocalist | Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Michael Schenker

“There’s nothing harder than to keep the beat when everything is in flames on a rock song. Chris kept the beat, kept the flames, with a smile and in style. A Swiss army knife musician. Talented and professional. ”  

Danny Gomez | We Will Rock You, Toxic Prod. | //


"I have been producing for over a decade now and I've worked with Chris more times than any other drummer.  I’ve had the pleasure of recording him over a vast variety of projects some where he was the artist, others he was a session player and the styles have ranged from jazz to rock and pretty much all forms of metal. Over the years Chris has proved what a great and versatile musician he is, he always delivers the goods to the highest standard.  

In the studio, Chris is prompt to arrive, his gear is always top notch and he is hungry to work.  He is always prepared but knows to leave a little room for the “on the day” magic. It's obvious Chris is not only an exceptional drummer but a keen songwriter too, he knows exactly whats needed, whether that be keeping it simple and laying down the groove or flaring it up and getting out the chops. In some cases we have even rearranged songs together whilst recording. Chris is quick to adapt, he doesn’t fear change and can take ideas thrown at him to the next level.  I’ve always enjoyed working with Chris and would recommend his drumming to all producers and bands out there."

Justin Hill | Yashin, Bury Tomorrow, Young Guns, Rise to Remain, Heart of a Coward, SikTh |

"Working with Chris has allowed me to take my music to the next level. Both in the studio and live, his technique, musicianship and passion for the music have improved me as an artist and given me the solid foundation I need to build my songs from"
Stewart Mac | Singer, Songwriter

Chris is one of the most consistent professional drummers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. 
His playing/understanding of what the songs need is second nature to him. 
Not only is he a total pleasure to tour with, he will 100% be my go to guy for future tours and recordings.

Dean Roberts | Guitarist, Songwriter & MD | UK

Chris is an absolute pleasure to work with. He's talented, driven and a consummate professional in every way. He always shows up fully prepared, and with an open mind. Perhaps most importantly, his deep knowledge of music insures that he aways know how and what to play to best serve a song and help bring a songwriter's vision to life.

Randy Scott | Cherry Suede | Ontario Canada |


 It was an absolute pleasure to work with Chris for the two months our band toured and recorded in London! Chris is one of the most talented musician’s I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His skill and preparation were in full display as he quickly learned the 10 original songs we needed to play the live shows we had scheduled in London. It is rare to find a drummer so dedicated to not simply learning the songs but to also feeling and understanding the music and the emotion it is attempting to convey. Chris is a class act and any band or musician would be privileged to work closely with him.

Spencer Jones | soloist for Cinematic Pop and lead vocalist of Redhill | Arizona USA

www.redhill the |

"My experience working with Chris via his remote recording session service was absolutely outstanding.  His professionalism, creativity, vision and tremendous talent made the entire process and results truly delightful.  I anticipate working with Chris on many more projects moving forward and make it a point to highly recommend Chris to all."  

Carm Grasso | Guitarist, Composer and Recording Artist | Saratoga Springs, NY USA.

"As a band we have had some trying times over the past couple of years with drummers leaving or not being available for commitments that we have had.

Then we found Chris.

Chris joined us for a tour that required a number of highly intense rehearsals, before heading out on the road around the UK

Chris brought a level of professionalism and dedication to learning the material that was focused and accurate, and a precision and reliability in the live environment that made it feel like he had always been a member of the band.

Chris takes direction well, and contributes in such a way that we felt the live performance of the material had a definite lift.

Can’t recommend him highly enough." |


“We were very impressed with Chris' professional approach and his attention to detail. Despite the short-notice, he turned up to rehearsal having all the material fully-prepared and learnt by ear. In the end, we only needed one rehearsal to put everything together and it sounded awesome. It was a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend him for both live performances and studio work."

- Kai | Esprit D’Air |


'Working with Chris was a real pleasure, his foccused approach on the essential details and quick understanding of the material gave the whole band confidence that the show would go on. It is a testament to his experience and skill level both musically and situationally that we were able to perform with no second-guessing or hesitation. A true life saver.'

Andrew Ongley | Collapse. 


"Having Chris Allan drumming regularly for us on a session basis is a cornerstone of Spiral Key's ability to play live. Chris has mastered complex music at very short notice and proved himself to be thoroughly professional both in the studio as well as on stage. He's a joy to work with on both a technical and personal level, and he's our first choice for performance and recording."

Spiral Key |


"Working with Chris was a great experience for every member in the band. Not only he is a great person but his musical proficiency and experience is mind blowing! He very quickly learned the songs and captured the essence of the band! We also rehearsed with him once prior to the show, to which he turned up on time with all the material fully prepared and down to the beat. He setup quicker than the bass player and wrapped  up faster than the guitarist haha! Despite also applauding his professional conduct, we had a great time with him backstage and whilst waiting to perform. A 5 star bloke we thoroughly recommend."
Filipe Martin | Voodoo Diamond


"Working with Chris was a great experience. I had him track drums for my entire album and I couldn't be happier with the result. The turn around time was surprisingly quick and Chris was great about making any adjustments that were needed without losing a step. What I would consider Chris's best skill would be his ability to take an idea to the next level. On every song he was able to bring my ideas to life in ways I wouldn't have been able to imagine. Working with Chris couldn't have been a better choice; I can't recommend him enough!"

Mark W, Songwriter | Chicago, USA



"Chris was very easy to work with. He communicated clearly, easily and promptly throughout the project... His playing is very creative and exciting and he really made my songs on the album come alive even more"

Jonathan M, Guitarist/Songwriter | Birmingham UK. 


"I am impressed by the fast and effective work of Chris Allan. Versatility and professionalism. I rate him 10/10, well done!!!!!"
Wolfgang H | Musician.


"Fantastic, excellent drummer, awesome sounding kit, very professional recordings, pleasure to work with, :)"
JeanPaul D | Songwriter.


"It was a pleasure working with Chris on my first London gig. He was very professional and came to the first rehearsal well prepared having learned all the songs. His performance on the night was great too, I would definitely use him again and would happily recommend him to others."

Mark Johnson, Singer/Songwriter, London, UK. 

Amazing! You've got Cozy's spirit. That really touched me!

Brian May, Queen - On the Cozy Powell memorial drum solo

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