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I am available to play on your recordings.

Whether its a demo or a professionaly recorded album, I complete all jobs to the same standard for top quality results, tailored to your specifications and needs.


I can record remotely for great cost effective recording or book into a studio of your choice. See the options below for more information.

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Read through the options below to find the best service to suit your needs. 

Can't find what you need? Drop me a message and we can find a solution. 

1. Remote Recording

Recording drums is considered a fine art where you need great gear, a great sounding room but most importantly...

A great drummer. 

Drum recording is often the most time consuming and expensive part of any project which is why I am offering an online service where I record your drum tracks and send them directly to you, saving money on hiring a studio. 

Contact Me HERE for prices and info.

What you get...

You will receive fully edited WAV stems of each drum component ready to drop into your DAW to mix. 

Grab the free stems above to check out what you'll receive

This includes a programmed/MIDI demo of your track so we can get it exactly how you want it before recording the final takes..


Discounts are available for large projects.

Booking all of your songs in at once is ideal for large projects for a consistent sound throughout and great quality results. 



Not confident on mixing drums? I will mix your tracks and send you mixed stems. 

Video Clips. I can film and edit together a short video of the tracking process.

Remote Recording

Remote Recording

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Check out some sessions here

Wondering what you'll get?

Have some free stems!

From £80/€95/$100

2. Location Recording

If your project is already booked into a studio, your have a preffered studio to work in or producer to work with, I am available to record on location for you.

Contact me HERE for prices and info


Video Clips from your session. I can edit together a short video of the tracking process.

3. MIDI Drums

On a budget or want the sounds of a certain MIDI kit or sample pack? This could be the option for you.

Recorded on Roland V Drums or programmed to the highest standard, I can supply you with Audio and MIDI files to drop straight into your project. 

What you get...


You have the choice of:

  • A stereo WAV file of your drum track

  • A complete MIDI file of the drum track

  • Separated WAV stems of each MIDI component to mix like a real drum kit

Discounts are available for large projects. 

Contact me HERE for prices and info


From £40 / €50 / $55

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