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In an ever evolving music industry it's absolutely key to be self sufficient and there is nothing better than being your own boss. This is a chance to learn the skills to record and engineer yourself "IN THE BOX" or simply up your drum recording game in a unique, hands on workshop. 



Who is it for?


Drummers who want to record remotely
Musicians & Bands on a budget

YouTubers looking to improve their content quality

Up and coming producers & engineers who want to learn the ropes


Choose which package suits you best


PRODUction pass

The perfect package for drummers who want to learn to record themselves and become more self sufficient. 

A 6 hour one-to-one session exploring and developing recording techniques and skills "in the box"

In this session we will cover 


Set-up & Mics

DAW & Session prep

drum tracking & workflow

how to get the best out of your drumming



Got a favourite studio or practice space near you?
If not, come to me. 


How much? 



*Price includes:
Travel up to 2 hours from my home 
(Over 2 hours will be subject to travel expenses)
Studio hire near me included. 
(Studio hire near you not included)



The perfect package for anyone wanting to learn the ropes of drum production

A 4 hour one-to-one session getting deep into the drum session after it's recorded

In this session we will cover 


Comping multiple takes 
editing drum tracks

applying plugins & mixing

How to bring out the best of your recordings

Syncing to video


My home studio space - Berkshire 


How much? 





Want both?


Get both packages 


One full-on, info packed day


Split it over two. 


You're the boss



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