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Born out of a lifetime of love and admiration, OCTOPUSS is a tribute to Cozy Powell curated by drummer Chris Allan. 
Playing the music that Cozy has left his monstrous drum sound on for over three decades until his untimely death in 1998, Octopuss will perform a special show in 2018 to commemorate Cozy's 70th birthday and 20 years since his tragic death.

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Where it all started...

Cozy was honoured with a Blue Plaque in 2016, unveiled in his home town of Cirencester. 
Among many tributes from the stars that Cozy played with, Chris payed tribute with a version of Cozy's famous drum solo from the Brian May band "Live at Brixton" concert. 

In the crowd was Brian May. Tony Iommi, Bernie Marsden, Suzi Quattro, Neil Murray and many more of Cozy's bandmates and friends. 

Octopuss Mk 1...

From the overwhelming reaction to the Blue Plaque event, Chris was invited to perform at Cirencester's Phoenix festival, this time with a full band performing a mix of Cozy's solo hits and songs from band of which he performed in. 


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