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I've answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

If yours isn't answered please feel free to get in touch.




What do I need to send you?


Please send your track as a Wav of Mp3 without drums. If you’re track already has programmed drums on please send this too.




How do I send my track to you?


All you need to do is send your track as an email attachment to



How long does the process take?


On average you’ll have your drum tracks recorded and sent back to you within a few days. If the turnaround time is any longer I’ll let you know immediately.



Will I get to make changes once you've recorded the drum tracks?


Yes! Once I’ve recorded drums to your track I’ll send you a link to listen to it. At this point you can let me know of any changes that you’d like made.

(there may be a time limit depending on my availability)



Do I pay before or after you've recorded the drum tracks?


I take a small deposit before I start work on your tracks. You only make full payment once you’ve heard your track and you’re 100% happy with it. 



What payment methods do you accept?


UK clients can pay by straight-forward bank transfer, online or via their local bank.


International clients can pay by PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay!



What will you send back to me?


 I will send you all the individual drum stems, with a very small amount of EQ and compression on them, unless requested otherwise. This means you can import them into your audio software and mix them yourself. 
Or if its easier, I can send them as a Stereo mixdown, all in one track. 



Who owns the rights to your drum tracks and will I have to pay you royalties?


Once you’ve paid for your drum tracks you own the rights and therefore no royalties need to be paid. It’s up to you whether you decide to credit me for the drums.



I need to record other instruments


If you're wanting to record some other instruments, you can come to my studio and I will record them for you. Just drop me a line.


















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